Monday, February 28, 2011

Our first visitor!

We are anxiously awaiting our first visitor here in Todi.  Trey Dusseault, one of our close family friends, is able to come see us!  He arrives on Thursday (?  I need to check the calendar...) and we will go to Rome to pick him up.  I didn't tell before, because I was keeping it a secret from the Hook kids, but I couldn't keep the surprise any more!  Besides which, seeing our laundry situation, I thought the girls might want to remove what are politely called "unmentionables" from the drying rack.

On the day we go to Rome, we'll visit San Clemente, then the Palatine hill.  After that, it will be about time to get down to the airport.  Then we'll drag a very tired kiddo for 2 hours back home.  I think we'll get our "grande tassi" to get home from Ponte Rio, since he'll be tired & have luggage.  But if the bus schedules work well, we may just throw him into the deep end.

Our plan is to stay here a few days, so that we can see whatever Carnevale celebration there is (they are supposed to have a Medieval market in the square).  Then we'll head up to Venice for a few days, to check out the locals.  I've managed to rent an apartment (still working on payment, so keep your fingers crossed), and it will provide our home base.

The remainder after our first helping

A view of the filling, a vanilla custard with slight tang of lemon
Speaking of Carnevale, when Paola came to check out our family pet (called "Muffin, la muffa"), she made the egregious error of introducing us to "bigne fritti."  Think of a fried cream puff rolled in crunchy sugar.  You can roll them straight onto your hips. 


  1. OMG!!! Those puffs look amazing. Every time I read the blog you are talking about food and it makes my mouth water!! Good thing you have to walk everywhere and take those stairs!! I'm especially loving Ashley's prolific writing - great commentary about your every day life. She's doing a wonderful job!!

  2. whoa.those look reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good

  3. I quote an item from the Atlanta paper which the children might like to translate to your pizzeria people!
    "Terrorism by mice in Philadelphia pizza fight" - A pizzeria owner with mice problems he blamed on competitors tried to sabotage two rival shops by dumping mine in them. Police said a man left a bag in Verona Pizza on Monday that contained three white mile. Police also found a bag of mice in a trash can outside Uncle Nick's Pizza. This is food terrorism by mice said police. The owner of Nina's Bella Pizzeria a few blocks away faces charges of disorderly conduct, harassment and animal cruelty.
    Hope the pizzeria people enjoy this!

  4. Oh Oh - typo - it should read "dumping MICE in them.