Sunday, February 27, 2011

Language Barriers

I wanted to reach Michael because today’s our talking day – Saturday.  But Tim and Alice are still fighting, so I needed an alternative.  I went to the tourist office, and asked about an “internet point.”  She circled a spot on the city map that was near the Coop (far, in other words), and said that it was the only place in town with the exception of the library (closed, of course – it’s Saturday).

Down we trekked.  We found some picturesque alleyways, but no internet point.  We came across this little old lady (dressed in black, of course), and I asked, “Lei sa dov’e un internet point?” (“Do you know where there’s an internet point?”)  She looked completely blank for about 10 seconds (no exaggeration).  Then her face cleared, and she said excitedly, “Ah! Un’internet-a point-a!”  And then everything was just grand.

End of story was that the internet-a point-a was no longer there, but we have expanded our Italian vocabulary.


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