Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fuzzy Wuzzy

We’re still fighting the mold issues.  We have an astonishing variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.  Word for the day: “lanugoso” = “fuzzy” (I needed it to describe the mold on the back of the sofa).  La Cleaning Lady came and told me that it was all my fault because of the dust bunnies that seem to congregate on the floor – despite daily vacuuming*.  She also said that the green fur on the ceiling of the kitchen wasn’t mold.  I asked her what it was, and she shrugged.

Anyway, back to la problema della muffa – I ended up writing to the owner of the house (the estate agent made me contact him directly, which was probably the best thing, actually).  I let him know what I had done to try to work with it, and he’s actually (hurray!) sending a “specialist” to look at it today.  We may have to move from our adorable house – which is SO SAD.  But we really can’t live with furry walls.  And ceilings.  I’ll keep you posted.
(Update – the specialist came and confirmed that, no, it wasn’t because of us, but rather because of the construction of the house – big surprise.  La Cleaning Lady is going to come and swipe with bleach on a regular basis.  We’ll think we’re back at Dynamo every time we walk into the house – but at least it won’t be the locker rooms….)

*Wool skirts, sweaters, and six people make for some serious housekeeping.  James has a game that we call “hunting for dust elephants.”  He gets the Swiffer, puts on the pad, and then (“Shhh!  You have to sneak up on them or they’ll run away!) pounces on those bad elephants.  He’s a real pro now.

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