Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jeremy's Dinner

The cake before serving
I made shrimp risotto for dinner and for dessert, a cake.  The day before we ate the dinner, I made the cake.  First I baked a cake, and then Florence and Mummy helped prepare the filling.  I had to cut the cake into triangles to fit inside a bowl.  Then I spooned a sweet liqueur onto the cake.  After that, we made the fillings and put them inside -- one chocolate filling to become a bowl-shaped layer and the other a fruity filling made with blood oranges that we candied.  Last, we put a layer of cake on top.  When it was time to serve the cake, we flipped it over, poured cocoa and powdered sugar onto it, and dug in!

A view of the filling
I had the experience of cleaning headed shrimp for the risotto.  It had vegetables and shrimp mixed with rice.  We can't find the pictures; they're probably on Mummy's computer.



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  1. Jeremy, this is a awesome looking cake. hope you make this later after you get home.