Monday, February 28, 2011

Mummy's Birthday

All of the kids wanted to do something nice for Mummy. We don’t usually do that much for Mummy’s birthday and we thought it would be nice because she has done so much in taking us to Italy! Also, it is nice to have something special on a birthday.
Anyway, we had been thinking about it for about a week, planning and brainstorming. Unfortunately, it is hard to get something that we all agree on, but we managed to think about getting a mug and some candy for Mummy. We didn’t want too much candy, though.
The day before Mummy’s birthday, we started to panic because it was already starting to get dark and we didn’t have a present! Thankfully, Mummy and the boys were going out to have a play date with Margarita and we asked if Eleanor, Florence, and I could go out too. She said,” Yes,” and after they left, we walked about a mile to the grocery store in ten minutes!   That was beating our record!
When we got to the store, we quickly got some Baci candy and strawberries. There was a long line and a kind lady let us go in front of her because we didn’t have much.
Mummy's big red mug
We crossed the street and walked down the sidewalk to the kitchen supply store. It is a store that we have been to before and is probably the best store for our family! Big pots, pans, mugs, etc. We went in and it was only an hour until it closed. We got a big red mug for Mummy.
We almost ran back home, stopping on the way to get earrings as an excuse for where we went.  Thinking that Mummy would already be home and worried, we made it home to see that she wasn’t there.
It only took us thirty-five minutes to walk two miles and shop.  Mummy came back and told us about her day and when she asked us were we went, we said that we had walked a long way and got some earrings for Eleanor. It was very true, but we didn’t want to tell her about the surprise.
The next day, Mummy got the mug, filled with strawberries and Baci. She loves it and now uses her mug all the time, big surprise!
P.S. – Baci means kisses in Italian, but the Baci candy is a chocolate candy that has little fortunes in the wrappers that are in Italian and English writing. The fortunes are like what you would find in a fortune cookie.  


  1. What a perfect gift, although I know that Mummy thinks of her family as her real gift!!!!!
    I am sure that she is enjoying those sweets and will be drinking her tea in that beautiful mug all the time.

  2. happy belated birthday. love Jim and Virginia