Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh no! It's not just Tim and Alice! Now it's Momo!

I'm at the library attempting to touch type on an Italian keyboard.  Italian keyboards have all sorts of unexpected keys in odd places, so it makes for rather an adventure.

In case you hadn't gathered, we're no suffering from the silent treatment from Momo as well.  I purchased more time today, but it hasn't worked for some reason.  And I couldn't face another 2-mile trek to find out why.  So we'll inquire tomorrow on our way to the Coop.

So -- no real posting tonight.  But as a consolation prize, I'll offer a preview of upcoming blogs: Italian TV, Homemade Tortellini, and the update on La Cleaning Lady.  Stay tuned!




  1. Hello Ashley!

    It's your pen-pal Elizabeth! I found your blog! How's Italy so far? It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. The pictures are great, and Italy looks beautiful! I hope you have a great time there and keep the letters coming!

    Elizabeth Jarnagin

  2. My apologies that I have let the busyness of the previous month get in the way of reading and enjoying your wonderful blogging! I have finally caught up on all your updates....I am SO enjoying all your adventures and beautiful photos! Ashley, you paid me the highest compliment when you included me in the things/people you'd like to have with you there from home!! I'd love to wiggle my nose and suddenly be there with you all! Keep those awesome updates coming!