Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday in Venice

Today we went on the gondola and had fun.  And I made a paper airplane that’s right in my room.  There were 25,000 kinds of gelato in the shop.  And we had about eight of them.  We also had eight last night.  I also like saying, “Si!” when Mummy says, “Do you like gelato?”  My favorite kind is everything except for coffee.  That’s one that I don’t really like.  And every kind except for that, I like.
In Murano, I got to say goodbye to my favorite inchworms [Note from Alexandra:  These were some glass caterpillars that they had in the shops, and they were really cute.].  I liked it when they made the horse out of glass.  It was red and then it was clear.  And I wanted to get the caterpillars.  But I didn’t have any money.

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  1. James, have you already spent all your birthday money? I seem to recall someone giving you some! What have you spent it on? Cecilia hates coffee flavored things too, but Rosie loves them! She would eat all the coffee gelato for you so you could have a different flavor!