Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ahoy from Venice!

Today, the Italian urchins and I journeyed to Murano, the glass making island. We saw how the “masters” created beautiful vases and amazingly accurate animals. They blew through long, iron tubes with blobs of bright, red, molten glass which just emerged from the 1,200 degree oven.  My theory was that was how God made us. After that, we wandered through the city window shopping. There were pink elephants, disgusting looking squids, and clown chandeliers. Every object was made of glass. In one of the extremely expensive glass stores, there were 450 euro goblets or 600 euro vases. The funny thing was, the glass door of the store was cracked and reinforced with scotch tape. Haha!
                After that  (and with a little coaxing of my parents), all the kids went on an 80 euro gondola ride. The gondolier was extremely nice and had a really funny accent, and talked on the phone and smoked half the time. When he was done with his cigarette, he told us the history of some of the buildings we passed. Napoleon Bonaparte lived in one for a while, and Vivaldi died in what is now a casino. It was very interesting and I had a great time.


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