Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Explorations in Todi

Eleanor, Jeremy and I went exploring in Todi some more this afternoon.  It continues to intrigue and delight us -- you never know what is around the corner.  We also had the chance to go into two more churches, which were beautiful.  San Prassede (I think, going from memory) was particularly lovely, but we managed to arrive right at the start of a daily Mass.  Since we were only supposed to be gone a short while, we noted the time, and decided to go to that Mass another time.

Some views:

The sidewalks are straight, but the buildings aren't!

Can you imagine driving through this Roman gate every day?

This is a detail of the temporary ramp, below.  Note the plastic under the concrete for easy removal.

If you didn't have a ramp, it would make wheelbarrow work a bit more challenging.  This is the only access to the site.

I loved this door!

The gates are at the bottom of the flight of stairs to remind drivers that cars are NOT expected to go up this way.

The room in the center of the arch is 20' off the ground.

They just HAD to have that 2nd bathroom! (Or whatever)

I think this is a front door -- note the number to the top right of the door.  But you'd have to duck every time you went in & out!

Anybody home?  We were tickled by the modern steps leading to a blocked-up doorway.


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  1. Love the photos!
    I hope you are having a wonderful time in Rome, am looking forward to your comments.
    Maybe the house won't smell like the Dynamo pool by the time you get back...