Friday, March 25, 2011

Pumping WIne...

This morning I went on a field trip with Ilian and Elisabet.  It all started when I called them inquiring about where to get good, inexpensive wine.  Because tonight is the night to teach the Italians how to make ravioli!  My friend Benedetta and her daughter Maghi are coming over, and she has never in her life made pasta.  But of course, it would be ridiculous for me not to have wine, and I couldn't ask Benedetta about where to get it.

So Elizabet said that she would pick me up in the car and we'd go on a quick trip to a local wine shop, as well as a farm (she doesn't think the eggs in the shop are fresh enough -- ha!  If she could see what poor substitutes we put up with in the States...!) for eggs and produce.

These are wine pumps.  I am NOT kidding.
So off we went.  The wine "shop" is a vintner, and is bigger than any gas station I've seen -- by far.  And the hilarious thing is that they actually use gasoline-type pumps for the wine!  There are 5 different varieties, and you bring (or get) your 5-liter plastic bottle, and pump away!  They even have a loading dock for larger cars if you have a lot to get.

Now I need a loaf of bread and thou!

I went to a town nearby that has the world's smallest theatre.  It's like the Teatro Municipale, but only about 6 boxes around (as opposed to about 14?)  We couldn't go inside, but I saw the outside and pictures of the interior.  Very sweet!

View from the town
The farm store
Then we went to the farm and got some produce.  As ever, yummy stuff. And you can pick out your rabbit or chicken (like a lobster in the States) and they'll butcher it for you -- they have little cages next to the drive for the rabbits; I didn't see the chickens.

Oh!  And the roadside stand!  Picked up some oranges and strawberries.  And then back home to greet kids who had ACTUALLY WORKED.  A perfect morning!
Bitter almond trees (?) in bloom




  1. Your Thou will be with you tomorrow! Happy reunion!
    The wine pumps are unbelievable - do you pay at the pump?
    Don't worry about the cost of the haircut, two men in our family have just had $14 haircuts, and as you know, they have much less hair, so strand for strand you got a bargain!
    I love you

  2. I want to go! I want to pick out my own chicken and rabbit for dinner! Are you having chicken tonight? Oh, no, you're having ravioli. Why don't the Italians know how to make ravioli?I went to a wine cave in Austria once, where the wine was in vats and you got it with a spigot...a glass or so at a time. I think the 5 liter jug is way more practical. You need that much at any given time. Remember the anti-oxidants are good for you, so drink away, it's medicinal! Are you going to start growing your own chickens when you get home, or put up with grocery store ones?
    Just took Mikey to the station....he has lots of empty bag space to fill up on the way home. And luckily for you, since he's silver medallion, they won't charge him baggage fees! Thank you for the soccer jerseys! Rosie is wearing hers and William will put his on when he wakes up. Did you know that number 10 is reserved for the team's best player? Of course you did, and that's why y got it for him!