Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Sunday

Todi, after an apparently amazing week (weather-wise) is crying with us about Trey's departure.  He's leaving tomorrow.

We slept in this morning after all our travels, and then went to Mass.  Fortunately, they didn't change their clocks here this weekend, so it helped with our quantity of sleep.

Jeremy got to be an altar server today!  I'll have him share his experiences separately.  Florence also joined in with the choir.  It's so much fun to sing with them -- although small, it's a lovely little choir.

After Mass, there was a "Mercato dei Pulci" which translates literally to "A Market of Fleas" -- you guessed it!  A flea market!  It was in the Piazza del Popolo, and we had a good time wandering through.  They had the usual stuff that you'd expect -- rusted antiquated farm tools and the like, as well as glorious inlayed wood furniture, etc.  I didn't buy anything.  A wooden car that was old and not much of anything to look at (about a foot long, a toy suitable for a toddler) was marked at 75 euros (about $100), and Trey tried out a mini accordion that was 300 euros.  His voice went up an octave as he repeated, "Tre cento euro?  That's thirty, right?  Three HUNDRED?  I'd better put that back down."

Lunch, a game or two, lazing around, and then out to dinner!  Oh -- we also spent about 30 minutes cleaning the house top to bottom.  I love small spaces!

Tomorrow, James is in charge of dinner, so you'll get another food posting. 



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