Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Apartment

Our apartment is bigger than our house! It is such a luxury compared to the house; we have an EXTRA BED!
This is the front hall. It's bigger than our kitchen at home!

The corridor to the bedrooms.

The kitchen

The kitchen

The dining room

Living room + dining room

Bathroom #1

My bedroom

My bedroom

Mummy & Daddy's bedroom

The other girls' bedroom

Love, Florence

1 comment:

  1. Florence - where are the boys sleeping? I am glad you have such a nice place, I hope it won't be too hard going back to the chlorine smell! At least it will remind you of the Dynamo pool...
    It sounds as though you are all having an incredible time, seeing just about everything there is to see. Thank you all for sharing it so eloquently with us!
    I love you lots.