Monday, March 21, 2011

All this, and a public fountain, too!

Yesterday we went exploring again in the afternoon.  I think that we have just about the whole town figured out by now, but there may be a few spots that we haven’t seen.  Sadly, many of the churches have not been open, but we’ve done what we can to see them.

We came across a public “fountain” for lack of a better word.  It dates to 1241, and appears to have been for washing?  It includes four pools of varying depths, fed by spring water.  There is still water running, but the pools are dry.  

The fountain

View from the fountain.  La Chiesa del Santo Crucifisso is on the left.

A view of the pools in the fountain

We connected the dots on several of our roads, as well, so we’re really getting a handle on things.  We think.  So many of the alleyways look alike that it’s easy to get lost, and one part of town is a “black hole” for me – I get very confused about which side of the Duomo we’re on. 
Anyway, it was a beautiful day, so we enjoyed it as long as we could.  Florence made a yummy dinner with polenta made in a layered form with cheese, and some mashed potatoes.  It’s a good thing we’d gorged ourselves on blood oranges earlier  in the day – we already had our fruit & veg in for the day!

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  1. Polenta and mashed potatoes.....are you guys carbo loading for a marathon or something? I guess you need energy for all those stairs!