Sunday, March 6, 2011


This has been such a funny day.  We have two different brochures about Carnevale which have conflicting information.  Both are on glossy paper.  And the "official" one (per the tourist office) called last night's magic show a "cabaret" -- whereas it's described clearly as a magic show on the alternative.  Anyway, gross amounts of confusion have resulted.

Ashley in the Piazza
This morning we went up to the Piazza to see (what we thought would be) archery and horse exhibition (jousting?).  Turned out that there was no one there but a few people setting up for archery (at 15 minutes AFTER the time we thought it was to start.  When I asked them about it, they explained that what they were doing was for the afternoon, but the kids could try the archery in the covered area.  So off they went.  
Trey, James, and Florence horsing around in the piazza
One of the many costumes used in store displays.

We hung out for a little while, but not much was going on.  We went home, stopping to purchase some bigne fritti for Vinca and ourselves, and then we introduced Trey to Vinca.  She's so sweet.

The boys playing ball in the courtyard
The boys played soccer outside the house for a while, and then we had lunch, etc.
Moving the castle under cover

The castle archery target
In the afternoon, we went back for the archery competition, which was scheduled to start at 3:00.  At 3:55, all was set up and ready to go.  The competition consisted of a series of targets that included "gates" to be opened.  Once the first target was hit, it would set off another target, and so on.  A perfect round would require four arrows, and the contestants were only allowed 6.
Notice that the mamma is wearing the ladybug's antennae

Some cute costumes
We enjoyed some medieval snacks, and then took Trey to meet Massimo.  Now we're back home, and we probably won't venture back out today, since it's seriously drizzly and foggy, and there is a repetition of tonight's festivities in the morning.  Let's hope we have better weather then!



  1. What a cast of characters! Sounds magnificent.

  2. It seems cloudy and cold alot, in your pictures. Is it normally like that? I guess I picture Italy as warmer, although I know you are more in the north. Is it about like here?