Monday, March 21, 2011

The People of Todi

We've talked a lot about all the sweet people we've met, but we haven't included many (if any) pictures of them.  I'm trying to repair that omission, and will be including photos of our friends in their environments.  We hope you like them!



Leonardo with "il grande tassi"

There's an inlay artist -- Daniele -- who does these amazing things.  I covet this one.

In the butcher's (founded in 1862, I think -- a positive upstart).  But before you look at the photos, I need to tell you a story about this morning.  Ashley needed something for her recipe tonight, and asked for it.  It was something-or-other of pork.  The butcher looked a bit mystified for a moment, and then decided what she should do.  She took out this HUGE rack of ribs (almost as big as James), and started shaving off the external fat.  We just hung around looking nonchalant and taking pictures.  A few minutes later, she handed us the fat (I guess the lard is used to cook the onions?), and told us there was no charge.  We thought it was so funny!

Note that everything is still there but the feathers!

We think it's a mother-son team.

Side view of our ribs -- I wanted to get a picture of her hacking away at it, but there was another customer in the way!

Don't mention this to Smudge

Yes, those are bloodstains!

A fresco in the butcher's shop.  Any bets on how old it is?

Our friend the tobacconist and his wife

We don't know him, but the uniform on the policemen is SO CUTE!

This is Orietta, a friend of Eleanor's, who does this amazing ceramic work.  The next three photos are her work.

Massimo's pizzeria.

Cinzia (? I don't know how to spell it), the alimentari lady, dressed for Carnevale

Giuseppe, our gelato buddy.


  1. When are you going to try rabbit?
    Kris and I bought a half pig to share, and we have half the head in the freezer to make soup. We haven't unwrapped it yet. We're a little scared to. Even all wrapped up, it's distinctly head and snout shaped....

  2. Thank you, Thank, you thank you. I loved seeing the people you've met and with whom you have shared your days. The ceramics are beautiful.


  3. Not sure about the ants on the sculpture...
    How did Ashley's dinner turn out? Was the hacked off bit just what she needed?
    The taxi is much grander and newer than I imagined, lucky you found him! Can't wait to meet all your friends!