Friday, March 18, 2011

School's Off!

Today was Independence Day in Italy. People hung Italian flags from their windows sills and there were bows on some of the stair railings. We enjoyed seeing all the decorations and balloons that were all over the place. We saw red, green, and white lights in the windows of one of the buildings in the piazza. The colors were in three windows in order to show the Italian flag. I thought that was cute.
Today, we decided to have the day off from school. It was James’s and my anniversary for the adoption, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Independence Day. On the nineteenth, it will be Father’s Day here. I wonder if we will take Father’s Day off from school. HINT! HINT!
We went exploring this morning and found a few more roads we had not been on before. We also tried a new pizzeria down the street and across from the new gelateria. I got margarita pizza, as usual, but it wasn’t as good as Massimo’s. The lady at the counter tried to warm it up, but it didn’t get hot enough. Oh, well;  it was worth a try!
I’ve been working on knitting a vest. I have used purple and blue, but mostly black yarn in the vest. This stitch Mummy taught me is now my favorite! I switch between the blue and purple every three rows until I get up to the top. In between the rows I use the black yarn and do a slip stitch. Near the top I forgot to change colors and it became three sets of the same color before I switched. I didn’t feel like unpicking it, but it turned out to look pretty cool. I finished the back side of the vest today and I have started on knitting half of the front.
Eleanor and I were supposed to have piano practice this morning, but the door to the music school was locked. Our friend, the secretary, usually unlocks the door when she drops her kid off at school, but there was no school today for anyone.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and James!!! Loving all of your posts!

  2. Ok, I have two cmments. First of all, Ashley, it doesn't sound like you've been doing THAT much school that you would need two days off right after each other! As far as I can tell, you eat gelato, cook, and peep through gates and doors! Oh, and shop in fabulous places! And second, independence from what? A little history lesson please for those of us who aren't in the know! And if you don't know, then I guess you better go look it up! Maybe in the fabulous library! (is there a library in Todi?)

  3. Ashley the stitch sounds like the one Mummy used for my lovely jacket - is it? I think the color combinations sounds lovely, and will look super with your hair.
    Margarita pizza is also my favorite - I certainly hope we will go to Massimo's together. And to your favorite gelateria - or do you have many? If so I must try them all...
    I know you are all longing to see Daddy, and I am sure he will give you the day off...
    Lots of love, and thank you for the photos!

  4. We've been following the Italian school schedule: four hours of textbooks a day, including Saturdays. After having finished our work we are free to explore. I guess that we figure that schoolwork isn't as interesting to read about than the town, so we haven't really been posting about it!

  5. No, the stitch I've been using isn't the same stitch that Mummy used.
    I love Magherita pizza, but I also like Bianca pizza that it mostly just the crust, but has rosemary on the top and olive oil. This pizza is one of the most popular in the family, so far. Also, it has a great texture around the edges.
    I haven't tried all the gelato flavors, and I don't think I will, but I love the pistachio, fragola, limone, and raspberry. What is your favorite?
    No, Daddy wouldn't give us the day off from school. Mummy's in charge of that, but remember that we do half time in the summer and we have more time for breaks from school. We already have 161 days in our school year!
    Love you lots,

  6. As a child in Brazil when we went to the beach I would always choose avocado gelato. However I haven't had that for years so now my favorites are limone and raspberries - you and I like a lot of the same things! I bet you wouldn't like licorice icecream either, although your mummy and titia used to love it when Baskin Robbins had it as their October flavor - eew!
    Great that you have so many school days taken care of!
    Love you lots