Monday, March 14, 2011

Trey Has Unfortunately Left!

This, morning Trey left.  We woke up and played Truth or Dare on Eleanor’s iPad, but before we knew it, two hours had passed and Trey had to finish packing up.  We dragged the luggage down the stairs and sadly said our farewells. The house seems so quiet without him!
We had an interesting time in Venice. The hotel was a complete dump, but I still enjoyed those funny moments, holding our breath going up and down the hallway. Boy, that place was stinky!
I didn’t enjoy Venice as much as I enjoyed the other islands (Murano and Burano). Burano was one of my favorites because of its beautifully colored buildings. There were all sorts of colors: purple, blue, yellow, pink, orange, green, etc.  They were mostly neon and looked so pretty. I have some of my pictures below. Also the lace was pretty, but unfortunately the lace museum was closed. Mummy was the most disappointed. 
Murano was so cool! Murano is a glass making place --one of the world’s biggest places that makes glass. There were shops everywhere, and one shop we went into about thirty times: through the back door, the front, the floor, and ceiling. The shop keeper got a kick out of it because we didn’t even mean to do it and I don’t think we will be going there again, but the guy was very sweet and gave us his business card. 
Anyway, in Murano we got many elephants that will be added to Mummy’s collection. Mummy has a collection above the sofa and we found the coolest glass elephants that would go perfectly on those shelves. Right now they are in our fireplace. Our fireplace doesn’t work and there is a bird’s nest in it so we just thought we might decorate it with our treasures instead. We can hear the birds singing during the day and afternoon.
I got a glass pen and glass candy. Not edible candy, but just for decoration.  I also got ink to go with the glass pen. You can’t forget that!
In Venice, I did find some things I liked.  There were many gelato stands and we ended up going to those almost every night because it is so GOOD! Instead of getting two euro cups for each person, Mummy decided to get one big container with about the same amount in it. My favorite is strawberry and lemon gelato together.
 There were the biggest pastry shops and candy shops I have ever seen! Everyone except for me ended up getting licorice at one of the candy shops and they said it was very good. We also got to eat many pastries that are still making my mouth water just thinking about them. Mummy also got some candies that had different flavors and two of the flavors taste like soap, but good soap.
So far it has been a blast and I always wonder what we’re going to do next. I never know until it has happened because we change things a lot.  Thanks again for the comments and the enthusiasm for us!
Ashley, also known as Nicoletta (my Italian name)
This is a blood orange. The best fruit in the world! Just ask Trey! It does really look like blood or a gash, right?  

This is a view from partway up Saint Peter's in Venice. The people look so small! It's like going up in a plane. What do you think?

 This town,  Massa Martana, is a town we went to with our taxi driver Leonardo.  

Eleanor blocking the sun out of her face in front of Saint Peter's.

Trey stepping over a small stream. This is under a really old Roman bridge. I even saw the Roman symbols in it.

Eleanor looking cute!
Trey looking cool! Sorry, part of his head is cut off! Not literally!
The kids gazing off over a bridge.

A canal in Venice.

Lots of boats!
Burano, my favorite place, other than Todi.
A canal in Burano!
Colorful buildings.
And more...
Trey in Murano!
A VERY blue house!
The family!

Another canal

Brother Jason and Mummy. Brother John is not in the picture, sadly!
I couldn't take a picture of the whole building of Saint Peter's because it is so big, but here is half.
A church in Massa Martana

Another canal. Are you tired of canals yet?


  1. Soap? Good soap vs. bad soap? I'm not sure about this Italian candy thing. Are you sure they are not Bernie Bott's?

  2. Ashley I loved your comments and especially the photos - they are good enough for a travel book or magazine article! And it was nice to see the whole family, even if the boys had their backs turned... I see you are all still wearing parkas - hope the weather warms up soon for you.
    We miss you and love you all.

  3. Hi Ashley. Great to have you back on-line. I wish I could say something to lift those post-Trey feelings, but youll all see him soon. In the meantime you are still in one of the best places on earth with a lot of your family.

    I must add to you grandmother's comments. Your pictures are phenomenal and the running commentary puts us there on the street. I still can't believe that great tour of the Vatican. It won't be long before daddy joins you there. You'll have to show him all of your favorites.

    Have a great week. Granddad

  4. Hey guys!!! Sweet pictures! ( My hair was absolutely horrible in some of them.) I'm back in Atlanta just to let you know.