Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jeremy's pictures from the Duomo in Florence

Taken from the apartment

Sta. Maria del Fiore

The campanile, from the cupola of the Duomo

Another view of the campanile from the Duomo's cupola

Florence, from the cupola

View from the Duomo

Another view from the cupola

An intersection, showing how high up we were!

A candle holder on the dome

Another from the cupola!

I thought the mountains were really pretty

Another view of the street

Part of the support of the cupola's lantern

Looking up towards the top!

The Campanile

It wasn't as cloudy as it looks in the photos.

The frescoes inside the Duomo

A closeup to show the foreshortening.

The cupola and its lantern

The lantern in the cupola

One of the windows in the lower part of the cupola, about 15' in diameter!


  1. Jeremy - Your pictures are terrific! I can't believe you got close enough to the edge to take some of the shots - I would have been on my knees, clinging onto anything solid as far back as I could get! The interior shots of the Duomo brought back wonderful memories _ I think I spent at least 45 minutes in there.
    It looks as though the weather is very nice now - I am glad you are not having the rain that has been coming down here. Grandfather is happy because he is not worried about the well running dry right now!
    I am going out for sushi tonight, wish you were here!
    Much love

  2. Wow, those pictures of the street made my stomach churn. I am terrified of being up high. Ask Cecilia and Rosie about the time in Banff when I almost passed out. Great pictures! What a lot of beautiful views you've seen. The pictures make me feel like I've almost been there!
    William has learned to say "please". It sounds like "peass" when he says it. I will try to get a video and upload to YouTube.