Friday, March 11, 2011

A Travel Day! And an Upgrade!

We are now in Rome, and have upgraded to what is probably a one-star hotel, and we think we have found Nirvana.  It’s amazing what relativity will do.  Just ask Einstein.
This is “Camping Village Roma” which is pronounced “Camping-a Village-a Roma” and is (surprise!) spot with campers and chalets and bungalows.  We have a chalet and a bungalow, and one of them has a kitchen!  Which means that we are able to eat dinner and breakfast for only 29 euros, as compared with 42 euros just for lunch today!  Woo hoo!  And I can make some tea!  As I said, Nirvana.  Or maybe the Elysian Fields. 
Today was mostly spent in traveling, but we had some negotiations to make this afternoon when we arrived in Rome to find the Metro on strike.  We stood in line for a tourist map and decided to go back to the gallery of bones, since it was in walking distance from Termini.  Around 3:00 (and starving!), we were outside of the Capuchin cemetery.  We had lunch at a nearby spot, since there were no stand-up pizzerias that we could find (maybe they are like the disappearing fish shop in Todi?). 
Trey reported that the cemetery was “the coolest place EVER!”  He loved it.
By the time we were done there, it was 5:00.  The Metro strike was over at 5, so we took the train out to the bus out to heaven-on-earth.  And can you believe it?  The Roman Wal-mart (okay, it has a different name) is right across the bridge!  We are now fixing dinner in our mini-Versailles. 
With all this traveling, I have been extremely grateful for how wonderful the children have been.  Apart from logorrhea and the occasional obstinacy on James’s part, they have handled late meals, odd meals, lots of walking, changes of plan, and peculiar accommodations with ease.  It has really made this a treat.
Tomorrow we meet Br. Jason for fun at the Vatican! 


  1. A note: The Metro (including the vaporetti in Venice) as previously agreed were only on strike until 5:00 pm tonight because they want to make sure that everyone can get home for the weekend.

  2. It sounds like their strikes are more oranized than normal workdays! Good they all got home n time from not working to enjoy their time off!