Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chi E'?

Since we don't have a TV at home, we've been really enjoying watching here. Our favorite show ever is a game show called "Chi e`?"-- Who is it? 
It comes on weeknights at 8:30. We have a big race to see if we can finish the dishes before then, and since we don't usually start dinner until 7:30 or 8:00, it's quite a challenge!
Anyway, in this show the contestants compete to earn the chance of winning the grand prize. The rules are pretty simple: guess who it's a picture of. Sounds easy, right...?
Who is it, then? C'mon, make a guess!
What, didn't get it?
This movie shows the very first test-- the first person to guess gets to go first. It's hilarious to watch (and it's translated to "gummy face"!) The white bar that descends partway through the video indicates that someone had a guess, but it was incorrect, so the face continues moving.
The host and hostess

This is Francesca. Yes, she is prone to wardrobe malfunctions!

You should get this one. United States.
This animation shows who's not continuing! (We haven't seen anyone actually burst into tears!)
Did you guess? Yes, this is the singer.

Now that we're down to two contestants, the first to get three faces right gets to continue.

It's interesting, but here people are less conscious of their actions when they're on TV. People regularly fix their hair and wipe their noses. We've even caught Francesca adjusting herself!

If the one on the left gets it, she continues!...the suspense!

And she's right! (For anyone who's wondering, those "batteries" show the number of points each contestant has. They start with twenty points each and lose a point every time they guess incorrectly. If at the end of the game, the contestant must have at least one point left to win the prize.)

But, look! We have a consolation prize!

...modeled by Francesca!

And 3D cards!

Now comes the time for Francesca to unveil the grand prize.... drum roll, please!

But first she sings and dances. We were very amused the time she chose "I'm a Barbie Girl"! She sang it with an accent, too!

And... she describes a choice between a lovely scuba diving trip...

...and a pair of motorbikes!

Yes, he is amused by Francesca modeling the bikes.

If you think this is funny, you should have seen her on the treadmill!

After the final contestant has chosen the prize she's trying to win, the cube descends.

Feeling nervous?

She has six pictures to guess and seventeen points. The pictures will be unveiled one by one by the cube.

Lights flash! Music plays!

... and we have this picture.

In case you're wondering about the answer. (And these are timed-- ten seconds.)

Here's a famous American face!
Ta-da! Notice that she had 13 points when she was first presented with the picture, and 7 when she got it right.

Here are the six pictures-- some of them solved, some not.

She won! Her image jumps up and down with delight. This is the second time we have seen someone win.

Francesca departs while her colleague pulls out his 3D cards again. So long!                   Ciao! Eleanor


  1. Eleanor
    That is so hilarious! And good practice for your Italian - I am sure they all speak a mile a minute!
    The weather looks rather cold still - just like we had in England... It is absolutely gorgeous here now, but don't feel bad - we are supposed to get rain again this weekend. So glad you have all the warm woolies!
    Love you

  2. Uncle Tom and I enjoyed watching 'who wants to be a millionaire' in Spain. Just as funny and dramatic! European game shows are hilarious!