Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How I Got My Pen

When we were in Murano for the last time, I couldn’t decide whether to get a pen or not.  I wanted to save money for other trips, but I also wanted a pen.  So I thought about it for a while, and the pens at the shop we were in were 15 euros, including ink.  Mummy helped me figure out whether I wanted it or not by saying, “Imagine we were at home and you don’t have your pen.  Do you think, ‘Oh, I really wish I had gotten it,’ or do you think, ’Oh, well.’” 
And I said, “I really wish I had gotten it.”
So Mummy said, ”Then get it.”
Just then, Florence came in and said, “There are some for 5 euros in a different shop.  They don’t have ink and the nibs are easier to write with. The ink is only one euro.  Do you want me to show you?”
“Yes, please,” I said. 
So we ran to the other shop.  I got it as quickly as I could, and then we ran to the others.  I felt really good about my purchase.  And I’m glad I got it!




  1. Awesome looking pen. have you tried it out yet? looks like it is well balanced for writing.
    Texas grandparents

  2. Nice pen Jemjem. Are you going to write letters with it? You should get some gorgeous Italian writing paper to go with it! Lucky for you that Florence found such a good deal! It's cold and rainy again here. Bobo took William to the library this morning for song and story time. He liked it and fell asleep in the MINI on the way home. It was hard getting him out of the back seat!
    Have a good day!

  3. Myipad automatically "fixed" my spelling....it was supposed to be 'Vovo' not 'Bobo'!

  4. What a gorgeous pen! Blue is my favorite color too!
    Grandfather has gone to Las Vegas for a couple of days, I wish you were here to keep me company!Love you lots.