Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update on La Cleaning Lady

As promised, here is our update:

La Cleaning Lady came yesterday and welcomed me by fussing about the laundry on the ground (yes, we know, but we keep forgetting to buy the clothespins, and there AREN'T ANY HERE.  That was how she greeted me.   She reiterated that she'd never seen this, despite the English family with 3 kids who supposedly lived here last winter.  Despite Vinca's assertion that no one has stayed here for more than a week in the past 4 years.

We escaped the bleach festivities by going shopping, and when we came back, the house was newly whitened. She actually did do a good job, and only missed a few spots. When we came back, the smell was enough to knock you over.  Even the pigeons in the area were albinos.




  1. We'll try to find some clothespins at ACE Hardware today....

  2. Why is she freaking out about the laundry? Just because it's draped everywhere to dry?

  3. She thinks the clothes are hiding dust elephants.

  4. For her, the best defense is a good offense. She knows that the house is in bad shape, so she wants to divert attention. When she came to look at the mold, she complained about lint on the sofa. Go figure.