Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pisa and Lucca

Today we went to Pisa and climbed the tower. We had a snack first and got in the line. The line didn't take too long because we got reserved tickets. We only had to wait for the people to open the gate.  It was fun to see the worn away steps and go up the staircase as it tilted. Once we got to the top we could see all of Pisa.
Then we went to the Duomo and saw there were paintings covering the walls. We went around, looking at all the pictures involving saints and continued on.
We went to lunch and waited for the table because they didn't have enough tables for us. Then we ordered on the limited menu and waited about fifteen minutes before the bread came out. After that, our food came out in about thirty minutes. While we waited we watched the people pass by and the cat above us. The building's window was opened and a cat came out on the window sill. He wanted the pigeons that were flying next to him but he would have to fly to get to them. We watched him crane his neck and almost fall off the window sill.
Then we went to Lucca, which is a small town were everyone rides their bike. We stayed only for a couple of hours and went in a few churches. I had a fun time, but I went straight for a drink of water and then to bed!

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  1. Sounds like a very busy day! Good thing you had a chance to rest a bit while you were waiting for lunch. What did you order - pizza? I remember Lucca as a walled city, is that right?
    I hope your weather has been nice - it is pretty horrible here just now. But the pool and the aquifer are full!
    We love you lots
    Vovo and Grandfather