Friday, March 18, 2011

A Funny Experience!

Today we went to the Conad (the other “big” grocery store – and it’s smaller than a CVS) and found out that almost all of us liked the Coop better. Mummy likes it that the cereal is much cheaper at the Conad, but it took a long time to find everything that we needed.  Also, I think the Coop is larger.
After shopping, we went up the hill and found a small fruit shop and went in. The shopkeeper wasn’t there and had left his money on the table! Anyone could have taken it and the fruit! Although that’s not something we would do!  We picked out the fruit we wanted and used the shopkeeper’s notepad to say that we had been there. We put the money on the counter and then the shopkeeper came in laughing. At least he wasn’t mad! He smiled, asked if we’d already weighed the items, and we paid for the yummy blood oranges and a big, red, and juicy-looking pepper. That proves how much crime happens in the city. Almost none!
 James is going to be making dinner tonight, we’ll tell you how it turns out!
It is a beautiful day! The birds, including the ones in our chimney, are singing and spring is coming. You could see that there fields are much greener now.  It is warmer today and most of us did our school work outside.
I found something in the garden!  We have bamboo behind the fence in our garden. Looking through the twigs, I could see an old wall and a little fort. Someone had made a little bamboo fort in the back of our garden. On the wall there was a clay lion head. It looked like a fountain, but maybe it wasn’t used for that.  I would have gone back there if I could, but the fence was covering what looked like the only opening.  

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  1. Ashley, we have had the same experience buying honey in the mountains. Several people have put out little stands outside their houses with the pots of honey stacked up and the prices written. However the box for the money is somehow attached and locked, so it would be difficult for somebody to take the cash.
    I'm glad things are turning green, this is such a wonderful time of year isn't it?
    I hope the bears will be out soon...