Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Story from James (about Yesterday)

This morning we worked on chores.  I hunted dust elephants with the Swiffer.  You get the Swiffer that the Swiffer pad.  Then you sneak up on them.   I am really good at sneaking up on them.  We also have mold!  So we are having La Cleaning Lady come and do it for us.

I am really good at finger knitting and I started the day before yesterday.  Today we did a blue scarf and I started it at the "Tre" store.  Yesterday I knitted a yellow scarf that is really long for Grandfather and I knitted a pink scarf for Vinca downstairs, and I redid the scarf for Margherita and I'm going to make one for Vovo and Margharita's mother, and maybe one for her father.  Also, Eleanor decided that she also wanted one, so I'm going to make one for her!
Some of the scarves

Up-close on one of the scarves

We walked to the pizzeria and there was a crowd of high schoolers outside.  When we walked in there was one man.  Then we ordered our pizza.  Walking out, we saw about three or four big buses and there were two blue buses that were both trying to squeeze by each other and a couple of their wheels were on the sidewalk!




  1. What adventures you're having, James! I enjoy reading about them.

  2. I'm very curious about the finger knitting. Pictures??

  3. James I saw the long yellow scarf you made for me!,,
    Thank you... Can't wait to try it on!,, I bet it is long enough
    To wind round my neck fifteen times so it will keep me warm!,,
    Miss you lots. Gf