Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Have you ever tried to make PASTA?! If you haven't, you have no idea what I am starting.
Dinner is going to be home made ravioli. Including the pasta. this could be the new coach Ben workout. At first, it is just eggs and flour. Then it becomes a gluey mess; after that, it is a gluey, floury, lumpy glob in the bottom of the bowl. After ten or fifteen minutes of kneading, you get worn out. Soon, you find a bigger, more gluey mess than you have ever seen. Then you knead and pull and knead and push and knead and pull. Finally the pasta is no longer gluey. Now you finally get a rest. Then you have to roll it out, which isn't nearly as hard.Then it is ready to cook.



  1. What sauce did you serve with it, Florence? Was it delicious!!??

  2. Florence, just ask Mummy to get a KitchenAid for you, and it will be really easy! Or a Cuisinart! Aren't those Italian.......or maybe French. Or just get la cleaning lady to do it. I bet she wouldn't complain one bit about the mess!