Friday, March 18, 2011

Pink Elephants!

When I was James's age, my mom brought me some glass pink elephants from Murano.  Over the years, they've lost a tail here, an ear there... and they're no longer even presentable.  So I was on a quest for replacement pink elephants.  And there were red elephants, green elephants, black elephants, you name it.  No pink elephants. 

Then Florence found some.  Much excitement!  Much rejoicing.  But I inspected them, and the feet just weren't delicate enough and they weren't right.  Sadness.  Disappointment. 

Later, unbeknownst to me, Florence and Trey found some more that are adorable.  And (according to F) Trey jumped up and down and immediately wanted to buy them for me!  So he did!

When we rejoined each other, I happily announced that I'd found my "replacement" elephants.  Poor Trey nearly fell into the canal.  But upon inquiry, they discovered that I had found cream elephants (if anyone tells me I've bought white elephants, I'll have to spit).  Life could continue sans heart attack. 

When we were at the hotel gloating over our purchases, Trey shyly (well, knowing Trey, not so shyly -- bouncily, rather) brought out a package for me!  And now I have pink elephants again!




  1. Those elephants sure look white to me.

  2. The pink ones are almost identical to the ones I brought you all those years ago! So glad you got some more and what a lovely gift from Trey!