Wednesday, March 16, 2011

James on Murano

When we were in Venice we also went to Murano, which is an island that produces glass.  I watched two people make a horse.  First they used a metal rod.  Then they put it in the furnace.  Then they pulled it out and it was reddish orange and soft.

Then it was rolled out smoothly.

 Next the craftsman made the head with pliers.

Next he folded it over and made the mane and next the body. 

Next he pulled the legs out of the body.

Next he bent the leg back and made the tail.

I miss my favorite inchworm.




  1. James,

    That's a great description - pulling legs out of the body - as though they were hidden there waiting for the craftsman to pull them out. Were any of the glassmakers women? Just curious.


  2. Just caught up with all your adventures. Your descriptions are wonderful, and some of the brightly coloured houses look just like the ones we see in Northern Spain. Some of the hues are a bit of a shock the fist time! Looking forward to the next instalment! xxKitty