Friday, March 11, 2011

Just call him Beau Brummel!

I finished Jeremy's sweater!  Intarsia cables.  Never again.  It was the slowest project to do.  Felt like it took forever, although it was actually only a few weeks.  Here it is!


  1. Oh Jeremy you look so grown up! I hope I recognize you when I see you! And what a fabulous sweater, I know you will enjoy wearing it.

  2. I want some intarsia stripes! Only a few weeks....that's no big deal! It would have taken me a few years.....oh wait, I never actually finished my poncho which wasn't even striped at all. Any volunteers to finish that up for me?

  3. Muy bella! Know that is probably mixing languages, but you get the picture. "Slowest ever/two weeks" made me laugh (and Alexandra knows why). So enjoying your blog. My mom always wanted to go to Rome and never made it. She would have LOVED all you described in the latest post. :-)