Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Anniversary!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!           
Tomorrow is James’s and my anniversary for our finalization for the adoption and Saint Patrick’s Day! It will be the second year and we will be celebrating.  We might go out for gelato, but we’re not sure. Any ideas?
It rained all day today and we didn’t make it out to the big grocery store, but Jeremy and I went out to the small grocery store and the butcher. Surprisingly there were a lot of people in the butcher store.  It is warming up, but it has been wet lately. I almost wore my t-shirt today.
Daddy will be coming in nine days! We can’t wait to see him and I think he’ll love it here. We’ll be going to Florence, Pisa, Arezzo and few other day trips, maybe.



  1. Definitely green gelato. Pistachio?

  2. Congratulations on this special anniversary my darlings! It is also a cause for joy for us - Grandfather and I consider ourselves extremely lucky to have you two among our grandchildren, all of whom we love dearly!

  3. And what a wonderful addition to the family you were! I remember the day I met you and I still love you just as much! Happy anniversary!