Friday, March 4, 2011


I've been feeling rather out of it, because as we walk in the streets, we keep seeing confetti, but have obviously missed the parties at which it's been thrown.  But this afternoon (after my Western Union adventure) I came across a pretty explicit flyer and program.

Tonight's activity was a magic show, and we duly went to the spot marked on the map.  In typical Italian fashion, there were no signs when we got there.  The first person I asked came from Perugia and had no clue.  The second person described another location on the "other side" (if it can be so-called in such a small place) of town.  So we walked for another 6 minutes BACK to the piazza, and headed towards his description.  Would you believe it?  A poster!  With an arrow! 

We went in the direction of the arrow, and -- wow!-- another poster WITH AN ARROW.  Are you kidding me?  This is the equivalent of landing lights at the airport, and completely unexpected.  Continuing on...nothing.  There's the convent, where the rock museum is.  But no poster.  Niente.  We barged into the convent because the door was open, I found a guy at the ticket booth and -- lo and behold -- the theater was IN THE COMPLEX, across the courtyard!  Woo hoo!

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I understood, and the kids generally had a good time.  Surprisingly, Jeremy said he was bored because he didn't understand the words.  Just goes to show you that you can never predict how kids will respond.

We went out to dinner to our normal spot, and had a yummy dinner.  I had a soup that was a tomato-ey broth with farro (an Italian barley) in it.  Interestingly, vegetables are few and far between on the restaurant plates here, in our experience.  I ordered eggplant with (I thought) some parmigiana on top.  Turned out to be eggplant parmigiano, which is rather different -- coated in mozzarella.  Delicious, but doesn't really count as a veggie.  I'll have to grab another stick of celery for a midnight snack.

Tomorrow promises to be a fun day: an archery and horse exhibition in the Piazza del Popolo.  The entire street and parking lot near our house will be closed all day for the events.  As we walked home, we were treated to jaunty medieval music from the loudspeakers that are positioned throughout the town.

We'll try to post photos domani!



  1. Your word pictures are lovely, A.

    What did they put in the eggplant parmagiana sauce? Will you bring home some recipe secrets?

  2. Look forward to seeing the photos!