Thursday, March 31, 2011

Florence according to Alexandra

It's hard to believe that we were in Florence the day before yesterday -- the days are moving by so quickly!

As reported, we went to the Duomo, to the Boboli Gardens, and various other spots.  It was so sweet to see the men of the family walking around hand in hand again!  The boys have missed their daddy.

The kids definitely respond better to the smaller towns.  The crowds, constant vendors, and beggars flummox them, and they keep asking how much longer before we get back to Todi.  We'll be going to the Uffizi today, and then we'll head home in the morning.

Here are some of my pictures (we hope you're not tired of them yet!):

Frescoes in the Duomo

The Duomo's lantern

Closeup, showing required distortions

This "small" sack was about 3 feet across.

From the Boboli Gardens

More signs of spring!

A family reunited!

Quite a view!

I think the Tuscan countryside is just beautiful!

And another shot -- this is just outside of Florence, seen from the gardens

Some tired feet with their owners still attached

More garden views

My three men

An alleyway of trees -- so pretty!

James making sure he has good luck!

In the baptistery -- the Fall

The floors here are so ornate!

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