Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jeremy's latest photos

Here are some of my latest photos:

Trey's toy (long exposure)

My finished cross stitch

A panorama of "Piazza del Popolo"

A view of the lower part of Todi (panorama) 

Another one

The sunset
                                        Here are some more of the sunset:

                                twenty minutes later...

            In Venice...

                        Here are some pictures of the outside of Saint Mark's Basilica

 A clock tower
                               Here are some photos of the canals and bridges:  

A UPS "truck"


  1. Love the UPS truck. You should try to find the movie "A little romance". It's from when I was a young teenager and is about these two teens who are "in love" and run away to Venice. They are in a gondola under the famous Bridge of Sighs. I am sure it is very dated now, but I LOVED that movie when I was somewhere around Florence/Eleanor's age. Anyone else remember that one? So romantic! The boy had cute curly hair and the girl was played by a young Diane Lane.

  2. And Maurice Chevalier played the old gentleman who led them astray or encouraged them or looked after them, depending on your take. Yep I have that one.

  3. Jeremy, Those are great pictures of the cathedral, and Grandma and I loved the panoramas.


  4. Jeremy I love all the architectural details, and you know I am nutty about sunsets! The UPS truck is quite special. You know, we have traveled a lot in Italy, but your blog is helping us see things through new eyes. I can't wait to actually be there with you!
    Love you lots

  5. Jeremy - your Wall-e cross-stitch is most fantastic. I bet it'd be perfect size for putting on the Christmas tree next year. Don't accidentally leave it in Italy.