Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More photos of Todi

It's so hard to think that we'll be leaving soon.  We had to go to the grocery store to purchase a few items.  On the way down the hill, Leonardo stopped (in the middle of the main road) to say hello to us.  We saw him a few minutes later in a parking lot and asked what he'd been up to.  Just getting a cup of coffee.  He asked about our plans, and we explained...he then offered to "accompany" us (and specified that there would be no charge)!  How sweet he is.  One of the many things we'll miss -- there are so many sweet people here.

We also saw a little scooter loaded down with about 36 one-liter bottles of water.  It was so silly that we had to take a quick picture. 
This was the scooter.  It had a double load of water in the front.

The road we took back home looks like a busy, winding road on the map of Todi.  It's called "Via della Serpentina" -- and is actually a woodland path.  However, there are what appear to be road signs at the bottom of it.  Do they really expect people to drive up it?  From our experience here, anything's possible.

The biodegradable bags they use here are not tremendously strong, and they minimize their use.  However, the kids forgot their backpacks today, and we had to use a few.  Well, we had a blowout, so Ashley decided to put the milk in her pockets...

Ashley the silly milkmaid
We had a wonderful dinner with Benedetta, and had the opportunity to meet her sister (who is also extremely sweet).  Benedetta treated us to some scrumptious Roman artichokes, an amazing stew, and delicious mashed potatoes.  Plus strawberries in her wonderful way. 

Jeremy, meanwhile, went out to a dinner for the altar servers.  He said he had a pretty good time, even though he didn't understand a lot of what was being said.  But he understood some of it!  Hurray!

And now?  Bed.



The glimpses are just magical to me

A common pose for Jeremy -- he's always taking photos!

The poppies are blooming!

The medieval wall

Sta. Maria della Consolazione

Via della Serpentina

It doubles back on itself.  And is steep in places.

We also have lilacs in bloom...

We'll miss the steps!

They go up and up and up!

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  1. Jeremy's legs look about a foot longer than when you left. And those bright yello flowers look like fancy dandelions! Lucky about the lilacs! We had them in Michigan but it's too hot in Atlanta for them.