Thursday, April 28, 2011

The End Results

 We worked on cleaning up the odds and ends this morning. After a couple of hours, we were done and Mummy went to the school supply shop. Mummy says I would really love the shop because I love any school supplies.
Anyway, Vovo and Grandfather arrived at about 1:30 and we went out for pizza at Massimo's. For once, he helped serve the pizza and Vovo and Grandfather could see and meet him.
Vovo and Grandfather went around the town with us and we stopped at the gelateria to have gelato with Giuseppe. We said goodbye to Giuseppe and Mummy had tears in her eyes. I was sad too!
We went into the Duomo on the way back to the parking lot. Now Vovo and Grandfather are at their hotel in another town and we are in our house relaxing.
Tonight, we will be going out to dinner at a new restaurant right at the bottom of the stairs that lead to our house. I can't wait to see what this new place will be like. It is usually very crowded and we had to reserve a place in the restaurant.

Here are some pics:

A window view

Vinca's garden

Jeremy lookiing down at his rope invention

And pulling it up.

James and Eleanor studying some Italian books Mummy got today

Aren't they sweet?

One of the rose bushes in our garden

Part of our garden

The clean laundry
The clean living room. We had to do a serious vacuuming and dusting.
We're leaving TOO soon!


We bleached the counters and now they are white!

When we came the sinks were BROWN and now, they are squeaky clean!

Florence arranged the fruit in a cute way.

Jeremy has hit his head many times on the ceiling. 

The single room

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