Thursday, April 28, 2011


Things are tough right now because our time in Todi has (I know you haven't figured this out by now) drawing to a close.  It's wonderful to see my parents, but we all feel pulled in different directions.  They want to see certain things, but the kids want to SHOW them everything that's special to them.  We certainly have a full schedule for the next few days!

Today, we dragged my poor parents to see Massimo (and have lunch, yum!), to the pasticceria lady's (whose name I still don't know), to the square, then to the post office (for the view), down to Daniele's, the Coop (via the bank, which was chiusa), and back for gelato with Giuseppe.  We said our final goodbyes to Giuseppe and Fiorella (the gelateria lady), which was really hard.  Then we walked (the long way, it turns out) to the parcheggio so my tired-out parents could go to the hotel and catch a nap.  On the way, we took a quick peek into Sta. Maria della Consolazione.

Later, we went to dinner at "John's place."  It has another name, but I've never heard anyone refer to it by that name -- and I don't know what it is, myself.  Benedetta called for me to make the reservation (she had his number in speed dial).  When she said we were the Americans who lived up the road from him, he said something to the effect of, "Oh, finally-- I'll get to see them in the restaurant!"  After dinner (which was delicious), John came to speak with us.  He's a Scot ex-pat who's been here for five years.  He laughed about having seen us go by so many times, and seeing the boys run up & down the street.

Tomorrow, we'll be going to the bank (to close my account), Angelo's (to take a picture and pick up some fruit), the butcher (for tomorrow night's dinner), Orietta's (to pick up my mug), Cinzia's (for some ingredients), the tabachi (for a journal for my mother), and I'm sure a few other spots along the way for sightseeing.  At some point, my dad's business friend Simonetta is coming to see us.  She's been trying hard to get down here the entire time (and she was so supportive during the episode of "la muffa"!), and will finally be able to take some time to see us.  And Benedetta's coming for drinks.  Eleanor's cooking her signature beef dish...mmm....

Saturday, we're going to find out if our favorite waiter will be serving at lunchtime.  If so, we'll go there for lunch.  My parents found what looks like an adorable spot near their B&B, so they want to go to dinner there.  Once again, all these hard choices!  The kids (and I!) HAVE to say goodbye to Simone!  But that doesn't mean we aren't interested in new experiences, either.  Then Jeremy & Eleanor are performing in a concert (which will probably be more like a recital -- I hope it's not too deadly), and then dinner!  At that point, we'll have Leonardo pick us up and take us back home. 

And Sunday?  Meeting La Cleaning Lady for the last time to settle up accounts, and then Mass, a quick to-go bite, and then we're off...



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