Friday, April 29, 2011

A Day of Goodbyes.

 This morning we went out to meet Vovo and Grandfather at the glass elevator and we also went to fetch Simonetta and Ugo (Grandfather’s friends) at the parking lot.

The friends live in Italy, and we gave them a tour around Todi as well as Vovo and Grandfather.  We went over to San Fortunato first and looked around. Then, we walked around to one of the sides of the church and walked down all the steps on the way to the Coop.
Near the Coop there are two churches. There was the church with two green doors and we peeked inside. It was dark and plain inside, but I was glad I finally got to see inside. Next, we went over to the other church that we had seen before and refreshed our memory on what it looked like. 

We slowly ventured down to the Coop, stopping by the bank. Vovo, Grandfather, Simonetta, and Ugo all stopped for coffee while Mummy and the kids went to Angelo's fruit shop to say goodbye to Angelo and to go to the Coop. 

We had lunch at Massimo's, and Simonetta agreed that it was the best pizza in Italy.  Then we went to see some views.

On the way back, we dropped off Simonetta and Ugo and said another goodbye. They were very sweet and I really enjoyed being with them. 

Later, all the kids and the grandparents went to Orietta's to say a very sad goodbye and for Mummy to collect her mug that she asked her to make. 

When we got there, Orietta had presents for all of us. We opened them one by one and found the most gorgeous necklaces and mugs that I have ever seen! 

We gave hugs and many kisses to Orietta and took an few pictures. I bought some necklaces and everyone almost burst out crying. Even Orietta had tears in her eyes. 

She is one out of the many of my best friends in Todi. I don't see how our family will be able to part. 
Mummy's new necklace with swirls and circles. Can you imagine making something like that by yourself? 
Eleanor's amazing butterfly

And the back...

My necklace with pretty purple wings and background.

The A mug elaborately decorated in blue. 

Mummy had tears in her eyes when she received this.

James was shy, but gave Orietta a small hug and a big smile when he got this.

And this is the back.
 I can't believe how lucky we have been to come to this wonderful town with so many wonderful people and I can't think of how much better my Italian is. I love Todi! 

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