Saturday, April 30, 2011

Corpus Museum

The day we left Holland, Nina and Wisse took a break on school and pretended to be homeschooled so they could stay with us until we had to leave to the airport.
We had three choices that day. We could go to the Corpus Museum, the Nemo Museum, or the Rijksmuseum.  We were also going to go to Anne Frank's house if the tickets weren't sold out, so we could only choose one museum. We had a family meeting and chose the Corpus museum.
We got up late that morning and ate breakfast together. We usually didn't eat breakfast together because Nina and Wisse had to go to school before we ate breakfast.
Anyway, we were dropped off at the Corpus museum and when we got into the building, it was not crowded .
We got audios to listen to and then we went up the stairs. We first walked into a room and the audios started. It talked about how great the body is and about the cells and sperm.
We walked into the next room and there was a loud noise and I jumped while a green long and pointy thing shot out of the fake skin on the wall. It started to bleed and then the audio started again. It was only talking about germs and vitamin K that closes up cuts and the white blood cells that fight germs.
The next room was a small platform with seats. An assistant handed us 3D glasses and we sat down to watch the first show. It was about how the sperm get to the eggs and how it was a race.
When the show was over, the platform rose to the next level. We got off and walked into a room where there was a soft, rubbery floor to give a similar texture of the tongue. The audios told us about taste buds.
The next room was about the senses and then the brain. It told us about the the two different sides of the brain.

After that part, we followed a red line to different rooms that had games and puzzles of different sorts.
It was a fun experience and I wouldn't say no to coming back!


  1. Ashley that sounds like so much fun! I would love to go there. I hope you learned a lot about the human body!

    love you all,

  2. You say "fun" - I say that sounds terrifying. You sorta creeped me out with the "green, long pointy things" and the bleeding fake skin. Gross!