Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Wavy Day!

This morning we left at 8:00 and drove about an hour to the ferry. We decided to ferry on a boat  Capri for the day.  When we got to the ferry, we got tickets and looked down into the blue ocean. There were about ten jellyfish in the water. I'm glad I wasn't swimming then!

We walked across the ramp and sat in the semi-crowded boat. Soon the boat started to move. The tour leader talked to the group in Italian, English, and German. We went past many caves and boats and over lots of big waves.

At our first stop we got off of the boat onto the rocks. The water was still blue and gorgeous as it splashed against the rocks!  In a clump, we followed the tour guide into a small piazza. He told us some of the history of the area before we clambered onto the small bus.

We arrived in Capri and got off. As everyone on our bus was waiting for the other bus, we went to a bar so that we could have a pit stop and that Vovo and Grandfather could have some coffee. In addition, we had some gelato.

Licking our gelato, we found the group on the sidewalk, walking towards a spot in the shade. The tour guy talked more about the history in three languages.  After that, we all broke up and went with our own families. In fact, Vovo, Grandfather, James, Florence, and I went in one group and the others in the family went in the other group.
We first stopped in the perfume shop because Vovo wanted to know what they smelled like.  There were many lemon perfumes (big surprise!).  After that, we went over to a very nice hotel and Vovo had some more coffee and Grandfather had white wine.

We found a table with a beautiful view. The water was clear and seemed almost fake from the rich color.
The coffee and wine arrived, including some other snacks that we didn't know came with it. There were cookies and chips. And of course, a wonderful view! It was paradise!

We met up with the group and went to another part of Capri. We did basically the same thing, but this time we had lunch and then went around by ourselves. We got back on the boat and saw a few more things in the sea. We went through the "Arco d'amore" (the arch of love). Our tour guy said that people went through this arch in couples, usually. When we went through the arch, our tour guy said, " Bacio" and everyone who had a husband or wife kissed.

Next, we saw a cave that had a stalagmite in the shape of Mary.  Most people took pictures and the boat did a 360-degree turn so that everyone could see Mary.

Eleanor and I had a great time playing with a baby in front of us. He had an adorable smile and I love kids! I would touch my ear and then the baby would follow me and give a big smile. I did several things like shaking and nodding my head and the little boy could shake his head, but not nod. He moved his whole body and tried really heard, but still couldn't do it.

He also played with his toy car and made car noises. At one point, the boy's toy's steering wheel came off and it was lost. Before anyone knew what had happened, he covered his mouth and gave a shocked look because the steering wheel had magically disappeared. I must say that Eleanor and I had a wonderful time playing withe the baby.

He reminded me of William. Titia,say hello to him for me, please!


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  1. Sounds like a fun day! I have heard of the island of Capri but I am going to have to look it up on a map to see where it is.
    William is talking all the time won't recognize him! We will come over on Sunday so you can visit with him. He loves his new swing set! There's lots of room for everyone to play on it!
    See you in a few days!