Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stretching Our Legs

This afternoon we took a walk down to the sea.  We had been told that it was 600 steps down.  They lied.

But let me tell you about it.  We went down to the end of the road, and couldn't quite tell where we were supposed to go.  So we asked a passing motorcyclist, and he pointed out the way, warning us that it was a hard walk.

Winding down by houses, we found ourselves on what looked like a woodland path.  A slippery woodland path:  it was mossy concrete.  It was a lovely little walk, though -- very peaceful and pleasant.  Then we came out of the wooded area and emerged into a field with a path through it.  A rocky field.  Slipping and sliding down, we came out at a road.  With a glazed tile marker.  Huh.

It was rather a crossroads,  but we decided on the most likely direction.  It turned into a nice, level, gravel path.  It was absolutely lovely.  Looking to our left, there was a gorge that ended in a creek.  And then?  We found the STEPS!

The steps were actually mortared in most places!  And they were marked every 50 starting at 600 (70 steps below where the steps actually start -- I kid you not).  Most of the way down, we saw a chapel; on a nearby promontory was a crucifix.

The ocean was a tropical blue.  And when we got to the bottom we saw caves and cute little houses mounted into the rock.

After our trek back, we were unanimous:  we wanted WATER!



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  1. Totally worth the walk! What amazing scenery. I would have had a glass of wine personally.....but maybe after the water!
    William's swing set came this afternoon, I've emailed pictures to twizel.