Monday, January 31, 2011

12 More Hours to Go!

Everyone's bleary-eyed as we head into our final 12 hours at home!  We got up early this morning to start getting us set to Italian time and so that everyone would be nice and sleepy by the time we got on the plane tonight!

James wants to make sure that we get to explore Italy's medical services:  he is the proud owner of two new staples in the head.  That's right -- he gashed his head last night and Michael got to spend some quality time with James (several hours' worth) in the emergency room.  We get to go to the hospital in a week to get them removed.

We're going to pack up the animals this morning to take them to the babysitter (thank you, Angela & Mary!), and then have a wonderful day.  Michael will come home at 2 to keep James company while the rest are at swimming, and then we leave for the airport at 5.



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